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Cook With— We cook together, side-by-side, as a learning experience, making 5 healthy dishes hand-crafted in your own kitchen, packaged and refrigerated so you have delicious meals at hand. I even do the shopping! I am an experienced and sensitive resource for people with medical issues or food allergies who require special diets, temporary or permanent. I share all of my personal chef tips for efficient cooking and cleanup. My Cook With service is limited to Sonoma County.

Please email me if you’re interested in learning more about this service.

Guest Blogger – As I always say, I will never tell you what you should eat, only how to cook something to maximize its nutritional benefit. I’ve written several blog posts at Dr. Cynthia Bailey's Skin Care Blog with more being added all the time. Topics range from lycopene in tomatoes to my movie curriculum. Enjoy the recipes on each post!

Please email me if you’re interested in learning more about nutritious cooking.

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OOH OOH Wow Wow!!

If you ever want to run away from home, you can come and live with us!! I bet you hear that a lot.

We look forward to many more return visits.
— J and S.P.

So, I have this wicked day, and all day long I keep thinking about the wonderful dinner I am coming home to...and I don’t get home until late, and there it is, Monica’s awesome food! I can’t tell you how great it was. Thanks so much! You are awesome!
— P.B.

"I absolutely love cooking, but I get pressed for time at the end of the work day when I want to sit down to my own home-cooked meal. When Monica's been here, all of the ingredients for my favorite recipes are waiting for me, cleaned, chopped, measured and ready to cook with. I just love it!"
— M.N.


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